Star Transportation - Star transport in morton ill reported a dirty drug test to my ssi#

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star transportation in morton ill reported a dirty drug test to my ssi# and now i cant get a job.

DAVID MULLINS IS pissed and dac says they paid them to put that info in there and it would be illegal to remove it.what the *** do i do? it sounds like to me they broke the law by falsifying data to the public.

some one please send me any data that would help me to

is there a rebuttal form i can fill out and post it? is it dac or hire rite,they make it so *** confusing


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Btw dacfix is a *** company, I went through hireright and it didn't cost me a penny


I worked for star transport since early October of 2011, I was terminated early December 2012 while I was in the hospital, when I started looking for work, I found out Star transport was stating I was in too many accidents, and that I left the job, well I contacted hireright, filed a dispute case against Star Transport, after 30 days they never filled a rebuttal, so my dac was cleared

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contact if you are clean and can prove it ? they will remove this from your dac report. it will cost you about $120.00 for the service but worth it if you want to clear your name.

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